Exploring the Diverse Lexicon of Soccer Betting: A Comprehensive Guide [2023] (19 อ่าน)

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In the realm of soccer betting, there exists a plethora of terms and phrases frequently employed by players and seasoned individuals. These terminologies serve to describe various types of bets and betting strategies, facilitating players' understanding and engagement in the soccer betting market. In this article best betting tips today will elucidate some of the pivotal soccer betting terms.

Common Slang Terms Used in Wagering

In the world of soccer betting, players often employ the following slang terms to articulate different concepts and situations. Here are some commonly used terms within the soccer betting community:

Grassroots: Refers to minor football leagues, with limited attention and recognition.

Analyzing/Odds Scrutiny: The process of analyzing a match to identify high-probability betting opportunities.

Mainstream: Denotes major tournaments and leagues well-known to many, such as the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Euro, World Cup, Bundesliga, Champions League, etc.

Twist: Signifies the feeling of anxiety and excitement experienced by bettors.

Relaxation: State of being untroubled, where players wager without concern and can continue playing to the end.

All In: Placing the entire capital on a single bet.

Wipeout: Betting a significant amount on a single wager and losing it entirely.

Busted/Bust: Losing the bet.

Stalemate: A soccer match characterized by dullness, lack of goals, or unexpected occurrences, devoid of excitement.

Pick/Betting Pick/Bass: Selecting a specific team to bet on (equivalent to "pick").

Going Under: Betting on the underdog (under) or betting under the goal total.

Fading: Betting against one's own team, believing they have little chance of winning.

Matching: Bettors having similar predictions.

Contrarian Betting: Bettors having differing opinions on a match.

Showhand: Similar to "going all in," betting the entire available amount.

Bone Toss: Refers to challenging bets, which could be disregarded.

Chewing Bones: Betting on a challenging wager, knowing it might lose, but attempting to recover the loss at the last minute.

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Parlay: A diversified form of betting in online soccer betting (Mix-parlay), utilizing funds to place multiple bets simultaneously to reduce the winning odds but increase profits.

Breath of Oxygen: A wager that is on the verge of losing, causing anxiety for the bettor.

Draining: Placing low-stake bets, typically applied to Over/Under bets near the end of the first half, approximately 1.15-1.2.

Shipwrecked/Offshore: Financially drained state of the player, necessitating a temporary halt to online soccer betting.

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Over/Under Betting Terminology

When engaging in Over/Under betting, there are several crucial terms you need to be aware of. In the odds table, the home team is typically placed at the top, and the away team is at the bottom. When you are analyzing odds or placing Over/Under bets, here are some key terms you should know:

"N" Symbol: Written beside the home team's name when two teams play on neutral ground.

U (Under): The outcome of the bet must result in a total number of goals fewer than the odds provided by the bookmaker for you to win the bet.

O (Over): The outcome of the bet must result in a total number of goals greater than the odds provided by the bookmaker for you to win the bet.

Black Font: Represents the weaker team.

Red Font: Represents the stronger team.

European Handicap Betting Terminology

Here are some European handicap betting terms:

1×2 Odds: European handicap betting odds.

1: Bet on the home team to win.

X: Bet on a draw.

2: Bet on the away team to win.

1X: Bet on the home team to win or the match to end in a draw.

2X: Bet on the away team to win or the match to end in a draw.

Asian Handicap Betting Terminology

Below are some terms in Asian handicap betting:

Handicap/Betting Odds: The odds set by bookmakers for a soccer match.

Underdog Bet: The team given a handicap, also known as the underdog.

Favorite Bet: The team giving a handicap, also known as the favorite.

Handicap: The Asian handicap odds.

Odds: The odds used to convert and pay out bets.

Win Full: Winning the bet and receiving the full amount.

Lose Full: Losing the bet and forfeiting the entire amount.

Win Half: Winning the bet and receiving half the amount.

Lose Half: Losing the bet and forfeiting half the amount.

Half Time (HT): The first half, the period before the second half begins.

Full Time (FT): The entire match duration.

Extra Time (ET): The additional playing time in a match during extra time.

PEN: Penalty shootout.

In-play Betting: Placing bets while a soccer match is in progress.

Accumulator Betting: Placing multiple bets simultaneously.

O/E (Odd/Even): Betting on whether the total number of goals in a match is odd or even.

Draw No Bet (0): Both teams have an equal chance of winning, with no handicap.

Half-ball Handicap: The upper team must have a one-goal advantage to win the bet. In case of a draw, half the bet is lost.

1 Losing Half (1.25 goals): The upper team must have a two-goal advantage to win the entire bet. If the difference is one goal, half the bet is lost, and if it's a draw, almost the entire bet is lost.

Half-ball Handicap 1/2 (or 0.5): If the upper team has a one-goal advantage, the bet wins. In case of a draw, half the bet is lost, and if it loses, the entire bet is lost.

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English Soccer Betting Terminology

Below are some common and frequently encountered English soccer betting terms:

Asia Handicap: Asian handicap betting in soccer.

Asia Total: Asian total goals betting.

Away: The visiting team.

Bet Slip: A betting slip.

Bettor (US): A person who bets.

Break Time: Half-time break.

Correct Score: Betting based on the exact score of the match.

Corner: Corner kick betting.

Draw: A draw betting.

Double Chance: Betting on two possible outcomes.

First/1st Half: The first half of the match.

Fouls: Betting on the number of fouls.

Full Time: The entire duration of the match.

Half: Half of the game.

Handicap: Handicap betting.

Home: The home team.

Kick Off: Kick-off betting.

Loss: Losing a bet.

N: Symbol (N) after a team's name, indicating both teams are playing on the third party's ground, with both being away teams.

Odd: Odd total goals betting.

Odds: Betting odds.

Offside: Offside betting.

Over: Over total goals betting.

Place Bet: Placing a bet.

Punter (UK): A person who bets.

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In Conclusion

The above article has introduced some common soccer betting terms. Understanding and mastering these terms will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the various types of bets and betting methods. However, remember that soccer betting also relies on your analysis and accurate assessment of the match and teams involved.





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