Mcr 200 card reader writer for sale

Mcr 200 card reader writer for sale


  Mcr 200 card reader writer for sale (17 อ่าน)

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<h2 id="Mcr-200-card-reader-writer" dir="auto">Mcr 200 Card Reader Writer For Sale</h2>
MCR200 Multifunctional Reader (Magnetic card, Smart card reader writer) comes with 2 X J2A040 40 K cards, it provides reliable magnetic stripe reading/writing and Smart card reader/writer solution for bank business, retail, security and other related systems, it offers the user a card reader/writer solution that will complement many applications.

We sell all EMV software for this MCR200 + Java cards in our shop here, feel free to look around and ask us questions.

<h2>MCR200 FEATURES:</h2>
&ndash; Compact size

&ndash; Support PBOC2.0, EMV IC card

&ndash; Manual swipe to read/write data with a single pass

&ndash; Read/ write magnetic stripe card or passbook in both ISO & IBM format

&ndash; Read/ write up to triple tracks (track 1&2&3, 300-4000Oe)

&ndash; Tri-color LED & beeper for power on/read/write operations

&ndash; PIN pad port & two extra serial port expander available

&ndash; Well designed hardware and imported key components ensure the whole excellent performance

&ndash; Module structure technology applied to ensure high efficiency and reliability

<h2>MCR200 PACKAGE:</h2>
<li>1 x Brand New MCR200.</li>
<li>1 x CD includes drivers.</li>
<li>1 x Head Cleaning card.</li>
<li>1 x RS232 Connection Cable</li>
<li>1 x Power Adapter with 24V DC Output</li>
<li>1 x AC Power cable</li>
<li>2 X J2A040 40 K Cards</li>
Delivery time:
We ship all orders within 24 hours after completion of the order.
Delivery time is 2 &ndash; 5 working days depending on which country you live in.
Please check that you have entered a correct shipping address.
We are not responsible for undeliverable orders due to incorrect address.

Warranty information:

We offer a 30 day limited warranty on all of our products.This warranty is limited to malfunctioning parts, not user error.As a result ,we will attempt to troubleshoot any problems and replace the parts if the problem cannot be resolved.The warranty does not cover misuse, user broken products, or forgotten passwords.

Mcr 200 card reader writer for sale

Mcr 200 card reader writer for sale


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